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Tube cutting and finishing. Parts assembly. Special projects.



The metal industry sector is increasingly demanding. Price, quality, delivery speed are key factors, but often the differentiating factor is the way to produce, and each case is different. Find the best solution for each client project is the mission of Utilcorte, with an area of activity from re-engineering processes to machines design.


More than producing with quality and whiteout flawless, Utilcorte aims recognition in the market for innovation and flexibility of its resources. A company that knows how to combine manual labor with technologically advanced machines, based on a lean production system with certified processes.


Utilcorte is a portuguese metal industry company, created in 2012, but with a team with over 30 years dedicated to industrial machinery and manufacturing processes. This is the basis of our success and growth, that allowed us to be a first line supplier of multinational automobile brands such as Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Citroen, Nissan and Renault.


Cutting and finishing

- Automatic cutting lines for steel, aluminium and inox materials, in bar or roll.
- Automatic machines for chamfering, polishing and deburring tubes in steel, aluminium and inox.
- Hot and cold cutting machines for braided, velcro, plastic, bootlace, plastic zippers, electrical wire and labels, among other materials.

Parts assembly

- Automatic machines for assemble multiple parts for several purposes.

Special projects

- Machine analyses, design and production for special needs.



  • New facilities
    In 2016 the current Utilcorte facilities will be expanded to more than double, with the construction of a new plant. This investment is aligned with the increase in production capacity and with the constant investment in specialization and updating its resources.
  • Productive capacity
    In 2015 Utilcorte cut and treated more than 11.000km of tubes, representing a daily average of 50Km. In 2016 it will increase its capacity by 30% with the acquisition of new machinery and the introduction of new organizational and production methods.
  • ISO 9001:2015
    Utilcorte started in 2015 its certification process in ISO 9001:2015 to implement a Quality Management System, valuing and giving credibility to the company and its processes.


Rua Central da Ribeira, 1720 | 4440-031 Campo | Valongo - Portugal

+351 224 114 546 | geral@utilcorte.pt